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Macalintal’s Bullying of Bongbong Marcos Not Working after the Bautista Scandal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal seems to have lost his appeal as a veteran election lawyer. This is after his bullying against Bongbong Marcos. He calls Marcos boastful after he changes his pilot cities and shortlists his witnesses. The changes follow the Supreme Court guidelines. Robredo’s counsel also said that Comelec Chair’s referral fee from Smartmatic is not an evidence to dispute the integrity of the 2016 elections.

Youtube video from; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista accuses wife of extortion. This is after her allegations that he has hidden wealth.

Comelec Chair as Victim

Comelec Chair Andres Bautista can dispute the claims of his wife all he wants but he is definitely not the victim here. The fact that he does not provide for his family financially anymore is already a big social offense. Denying his estrange wife what is legally due to her because of his inaccurate records is another family injustice.

Macalintal’s Bullying

Macalintal backs Chairman Bautista that the referral fee he receives from Smartmatic is not for cheating during elections. Therefore, it cannot be taken as such. He forgets that government officials are not allowed to accept any donations or gifts from anybody in relation to their job. The veteran election lawyer once again shows that he is biased in favor of his client, Robredo. But his bullying against Marcos is not working anymore.


Not Convincing

Bautista’s family may be rich as he said. It is seconded by his brother but according to the records, they do not keep proper bookkeeping as required by the BIR. This is when it comes to their wealth. He can immediately declare the amount due to his wife if there’s proper accounting. By saying that they will divulge everything in due time does not help. Justice delayed is justice denied. They are obviously buying time.

Dragging Marcos into the Scandal

Bongbong Marcos can only say this amidst speculations that he is behind the fighting spirit of Mrs. Patricia Bautista; “I’m watching what you are reporting. That’s all I know. The Palace can confirm also confirm that his wife arranged the meeting between Mrs. Bautista and the President.” Nevertheless, most people are not interested if he’s involved or not. Chairman Bautista must be investigated fair and square.

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