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Makati Mayor Binay Eases Taxes and Welcomes Technology like Telemedicine?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Makati financial managers already look into the feasibility of Mayor Abby Binay;s proposal to lower taxes for the city’s business firms. It is her way of rewarding all the businesses that stay and remain loyal to the city. The mayor also encourages the use of technology for immediate, reliable, and quality public service. Residents await the fulfillment of paying taxes online. What about medical technology? Can Makati be the endorser of Telemedicine to its sister LGUs?

Youtube video by; PBS NewsHour
[VIDEO]: Video conferencing technology can now connect patients and physicians almost instantaneously, offering convenience, efficiency, and savings. But what happens to the doctor-patient relationship if you’re never in the same room? Hari Sreenivasan reports.

Health Care as Immediate Need for Filipinos Recognized by Binay and Marcos

Major Binay is in line with the principles of Bongbong Marcos when it comes to public service. Hospitals are one of the priorities during the Marcos regime. The mayor expresses her wishes to embrace technology to solve various problems in the different sectors of governance. Lapel cameras, for example, are the solutions for disputes of traffic officers with motorists. In the health care side, the city is confronted with the lack of medical practitioners in health centers. Perhaps Telemedicine is next?

Telemedicine or eHealth in LGUs

Telemedicine or eHealth in the Philippines is a multiplatform technology. It uses video conferencing facility, high-definition cameras, and computers that are consolidated in an app for some. Technology is not only a healthcare option which bridges the distance between doctors and patients in this archipelagic country. It enables doctors, caregivers, and other healthcare practitioners to practice their mentoring skills. Patients are diagnosed or treated faster in a less costly procedure. Makati sister LGUs can benefit largely from this medical technology.

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Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app detects each user’s location based on the IP address of their devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer. It then sorts and displays which doctors are the closest to the actual location of the patient. Non-medical providers, also have a separate platform, that connects them to users like mental health professionals, counselors, and nutritionists.

Payment System and Contact

Payment is made electronically through the app or in-person at centers, for those who don’t have credit cards. Professionals using the Telemedicine network set their own rates, so fees vary. Medical consultations in the Philippines cost less than Php 500, which is a lot less than the global average. Medical technology is indeed here now – it’s just a matter of how well people accept it.

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