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Makati Rebuilding Agenda with Mayor Abby Binay is how Philippines should be


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Newly-elected members of the City Council were urged by Makati mayor Abby Binay to help in rebuilding the city first by restoring order and discipline in the streets, second by enhancing efficiency in government services, and third boost the confidence of the private sector in the city government.

The mayor with Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo, 15 councilors from the two districts, and the Liga president as sectoral representative discussed how they can quickly improve these three areas that were sacrificed during the last administration’s stint that was temporary.

Sangguniang Panlungsod must “work hand in hand with the executive department for the restoration and rebuilding including expansion programs” to achieve the city’s goal at the soonest possible time.

As education remains Makati’s number one priority, the need to enhance internet technology is vital. This is on top of upgrading educational tools and continued development of school facilities, and providing Makati public school students free books, school supplies, snacks and necessities.

Soon, the city government will be using technology to for the public to avail services online such as payment of local taxes, business, real estate or personal. So it can be expected that transactions are allowed electronically for all on-line payments.

Transparency and accountability in government transactions will also be enhanced by technology by conducting public biddings through a secure software that would prevent fixing and other forms of manipulation eliminating the presence of fixers, that were becoming rampant during the Binay’s absence.

The installation of high-speed internet connection in barangay halls transforming them into wifi hubs for residents to take advantage of for free. Interconnectivity will be facilitated between the barangay halls, City Hall and other government agencies, especially the local police. CCTVs in the different barangays, for instance will be interlinked with the command center CCTV network for the authorities to respond faster in times of emergencies.

Medical services will be more convenient for qualified beneficiaries, especially senior citizens and persons with disabilities as the Yellow Card’s life span to up to three years will be imposed instead of annually.

24/7 health centers for every cluster of barangays in both districts, will be operated as the city prepares to promote Makati more so as investment destination, by ensuring economic stability. Since Makati is bestowed by resources to provide the people of Makati – both residents and our transient population – quality services must be ready for taxpayers and as citizens who deserve them. This Makati rebuilding agenda with Mayor Abby Binay is how Philippines should be and for sure, Makati once again will be the envy of the rest of the country – but sister cities will have a share of Binay’s good governance as advocated by the older Binay.


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