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The Manila Times-Rappler Media War Ongoing but F News Tag Goes to Articles with no Authorship

Manila Times

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Google as one of the main search engines online requires authorship. This is to determine “f news” news from reliable information online. Google-approved websites do not spell out some names or terms to avoid crawlers from shying away. This is also the reason why many platforms use Du30, Philippine President or US President because their real names are banned by Google. This is to discourage f news or misinformation from influencing the readers’ mind. When they do not come up in searches, many people are spared from those misleading news. Between The Manila Times and Rappler, the latter does not disclose its author on the article that criticizes Tiglao. So, that particular news is not as credible as Tiglao.

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[VIDEO]: Duterte’s WAR-ON-DRUGS Explained!

Tiglao’s View on Rappler is Real

On his article, Manila Times contributor Roberto D. Tiglao wrote:  the news website Rappler ( insists in an article that the there were 7,080 drug-related killings since the President assumed power. It is a lie as per PNP’s data. Rappler’s article without an author claims that there are six facts that can prove that Tiglao is wrong. However, the Manila Times writer presents his work as a commentary. He may be inaccurate in some figures and claims but it’s his own opinion. Since no writer can be accurate with this kind of data because they are progressing, there’s little chance that Rappler can sue The Manila Times.

Tiglao’s Point

Forget all the figures. Tiglao’s point in criticizing Rappler is their accusations against the administration that it is allegedly tolerating or inciting to extra-judicial killings in the country. If Tiglao is only out to take Rappler, he would not bother to write to their managing editor Glenda Gloria and the researcher who wrote the article, Michael Bueza. He never got a reply until this anonymous article is posted.


EJKs are not State Sponsored

It is a clear order from the president to the authorities not to kill if their lives are not endangered, He also warns them that if they abuse their power, their life will be in hell. As a previous prosecutor and a lawyer, the president knows what are the illegal practices and his limitations as president.

Pro-Admin and Pro-Yellow Media

To be biased in reporting does not benefit any network. Once the people’s trust disappears, a news establishment cannot survive anymore – not unless they are funded by their political affiliates. Criticisms are normal because it’s human nature to have varied opinions. But making a wrong right cannot help the country to progress. Killings are already rampant since time immemorial. The difference now is, it’s highly publicized.

Rappler insists on its ‘7,080-killed’ fake news; resorts to ad hominem arguments

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