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Marcos: Only the administration can institutionalize the kind of cheating detailed in Electoral Protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s truth in Bongbong Marcos’s statement against the Aquino administration. He said; If the President says I will do anything so that a Marcos cannot return to power – he need not do the rest. His people will do it for him no matter what it takes because their boss already gave them the permission even to do the most evil form of cheating.

Undervoting is only one of the many things that Marcos complained about. There were evidences of vote-buying, “fourth server” existence, election results from parts of ARMM where no voting happened and Board of Election Inspectors not allowed in assigned precincts.

Marcos is not interested in running after anyone anymore thus not the real reason for filing the protest.The crucial thing is to honor those who voted for him by recognizing their vote; he added.


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