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Marcos allegations answered brilliantly at the National Press Club


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late strongman and former President Ferdinand Marcos never cease to amaze his people and others with his brilliance and charisma. Traits that are evident in his son, Bongbong Marcos who might assume the Vice Presidency soon – should he win the electoral protest. It is also speculated that he will be a Presidential candidate during next election.

Youtube video by: Paolo Araneta

[VIDEO]: The late President Ferdinand Marcos addresses the understanding and the misunderstandings of the NPC involving his leadership at the National Press Club

Marcos’ Persuasiveness

The president is persuasive enough to have married a well-known strong and bright woman, Imelda Marcos only after 11 days of courtship. The former First Lady stood by his side until the day he died.

Inaccurate Reporting

The Philippines at that time was not anymore under military rule – but most media still refer to it as such when it was already a Republic. The president feels that clarification is needed and urges the media to verify the facts in their reports.

The Cabinet adopts Policies

It is interesting how Marcos clearly explains how dictatorship could not happen in the Philippines. He is not the one adopting and implementing policies alone contrary to reports. He can never declare Martial Law all by himself. It was the dictate of the people as mandated by the cabinet. It was necessary to proclaim it to restore order because there was anarchy in the country.

Cardinal Sin did not ask Marcos to Resign

Contrary to media reports, Cardinal Sin clarifies that Marcos was elected by the people and he is not. The church is separated from the government. No quarrel between both.

The U.S. – Philippines relations is also highlighted. One direct question was; if the Americans will not defend Philippines anymore, they better tell now; Marcos said.

Quote: If you cannot trust your mother, who could you trust?

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