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If Marcos & Aquino can be Diplomatic, why can’t Filipinos Unite?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino enjoys interviewing the intelligent and charming, Bongbong Marcos. No matter how intriguing and painful the questions are, they remain diplomatic. This is the kind of character Filipinos should follow. Despite the rivalry, personal friendship should be nurtured even behind the viewing public eyes. The chaos in the Philippines is not because of the real Marcos-Aquino rivalry but how the people reacted to the media propaganda that escalates the situation. Unity can come from within not from the actions of the political parties involved.

Youtube video by: bongbongmarcos2009 (RPN) 1 to 4 Parts

[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino’s Interview with Bong Bong Marcos highlights the real relationship of Ninoy and the late former President Marcos and their families.


Kris and Bongbong are godparents of the child of a mutual friend. This does not look like there’s feud in their circle. If the conflict is really that great, the friends around them will not do such arrangements. Perhaps, the conflict is just public perception.

Open Mind of Marcos

Bongbong Marcos’s attitude towards criticisms against his father is exceptional. He is taking it lightly with an open mind until the day he dies. He takes consideration of the complaints and verifies with the strongman when he was still alive. Then make his own judgment which shows that he’s not biased even to his own father.

Gregorio Honasan’s Call

Many were surprised when Senator Gregorio Honasan endorsed Bongbong Marcos to the Vice Presidency despite running opposite him as well. Their principles just jive with each other. It wouldn’t matter who would win between them. They got to know each other ever since Honasan was still are a reformist and continues even to this date.


Belonging to powerful clans in the Philippines, both Kris and Bongbong also experience hardships in life that most Filipinos go through. In fact, their’s are more extreme – from having a lot to nothing. This is the reason why they want to continue serving the people. When they were at their lowest, they were taken cared of by their own people. That’s the essence of being a Filipinos.

To unite, we better consider ourselves Filipinos and not Yellowtards or Dutertards which are terms used for the Liberal and the ruling party. (Like Ninoy and Macoy were brothers)


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