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Marcos awaits Outcome of Electoral Protest: Nothing like the GAO Protest in the US

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s not like you file an electoral protest today and get an answer tomorrow.  Not like the GAO protest either that pertains to the US’s Federal government procurement contracts. Those can be protested upon by bidders or other interested parties. This one is just for Bongbong Marcos. Unfortunately requires solid evidence and credible witnesses that can take time – to gather, compile and submit then make arguments with.

[VIDEO]: Watch the review on the case filing just a day before deadline of election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo:

Why File a day before Deadline?

Marcos, together with son Sandro and legal counsel George Garcia, filed the electoral protest before the Supreme Court’s Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) a day before the deadline. This happened because many witnesses still need to give their accounts – even until the date of filing itself

Marcos’ Protests against Robredo

Marcos asks the PET to “annul Robredo’s proclamation. Declare him as the true winner” of the vice-presidential race. He also wants a recount in 22 provinces and five cities, amounting to around eight million votes.

Attorney’s Comments

Garcia said the 1,000-page petition includes 20,000 pages of annexes. He said results from 39,000 clustered precincts from 25 provinces and five cities are the subjects of the poll protest. Definitely different from the Gao protest.

Garcia added: “We are asking for a recount not just because of so-called undervotes – but because of a number of anomalies that we want to present, especially because many of Comelec election officers testified to us.” Perhaps, it’s “wait and see” game now. Perhaps, Bongbong Marcos is just waiting for the decision of PET!


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