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Marcos Concentrates on Electoral Protest Not Robredo’s Impeachment Over Unpatriotic Video


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that Leni Robredo’s recent video message was “unpatriotic.” This is where she was critical of the Du30 administration’s drug war. The former senator was asked by media whether Robredo may be impeached for the betrayal of public trust over her video played on the sidelines of a United Nations session claiming the bad plight of poor Filipinos – just to back up her humanitarian stance against the president.

Youtube video from; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr on Wednesday, April 5, called Vice President Leni Robredo “unpatriotic” for criticizing the Duterte administration’s controversial war on drugs.

Don’t Know about Impeachment

Robredo was unpatriotic and she was disloyal to the Philippines,” Marcos said in an interview with media during the birthday celebration of Pampanga 2nd District Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It is, however, a matter of opinion whether she should be impeached because of it,” the former senator added.


The video was played during one of a hundred side events and exhibits organized by non-governmental organizations alongside a session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria. When consulted if Robredo’s video provides a strong ground for her impeachment, Marcos said that he has not thought about it because he is “concentrating” on his electoral protest against her.

Not in Congress

Marcos added that he does not know of the impeachment status.He has never been part of such moves since he’s not in Congress. It is not something that he will be involved in – as he concentrates on the protest.

Not Loyal to the Philippines

A thinking leader of a country will not divulge negativity to the international community. Especially when it’s unfounded – just to discredit the president. She might want to get rid of him to be able to take his place. In the process, she also ruined her country by painting the wrong picture of senseless murders. Such act betrayed the people and no loyalty can strive in the person who does that.

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