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Marcos and Digong Attacks: Beware of Communists Pretending to be Human Rights Advocates


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa is not surprised when Senior Supt. Felmo Escobal, the PNP liaison officer to Malacañang advises him of the President’s instruction for undisciplined policemen to start cleaning up the heavily polluted Pasig river. The President even expresses his disappointment by saying that he will let them eat the water lilies to remove obstruction from its passageways. The President is often accused of human rights violations because of his disciplinary actions just like the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos during Martial Law. In reality, the figures show that human rights abuses continued under Cory Aquino after it. The 7,444 arrests in 1987 are even the highest in the 14-year period. Extrajudicial killings also continued.

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[VIDEO]: President Duterte finds a unique way to punish police scalawags: Clean the polluted Pasig River. Video by RTVM

Marcos – Aquino Alleged Human Rights Abuses

There are three times more arrests per year during Cory Aquino’s time than under Marcos: 3,627 against 1,960. The average of those killed and disappeared during Aquino’s watch is 244 annually, which isn’t too far from Marcos’ 296. Now, why do they want Bongbong Marcos to apologize for the human rights abuses under his father’s government? Shouldn’t they ask former President Benigno Aquino III and his sisters to apologize for those human rights accusations during their mother’s time? What about the Mendiola massacre of January 1987? Shouldn’t the Aquinos apologize for this?

Communists’ Way of Portraying the Government as Evil

During the Martial Law, the insurgency is totally controlled by underground cadres of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Communist activists released from prison routinely manned their offices before they go underground again in the 1980s. Since Filipinos are anti-communist, the only way for the Communist Party to get more allies is to portray the government as so ruthless and evil, which everyone should fight against. This happens during the Marcos regime as well as in the current administration.

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Discipline for Minor Offenses

The tugboat of the President when crossing from Bahay Pangarap to Malacañang always gets blocked by water lilies – thereby prompting Digong to let the policemen clean it up as punishment for minor offenses. Dela Rosa only says that they will clean up the hyacinths and not eaten up as the president joked. The PNP chief stressed that minor offenses such as frequent absences to tardiness are not grounds for service removal. Policemen who commit these acts can still be rehabilitated unlike those who commit heinous acts.

Heinous Offenses

Those who commit heinous acts are beyond economical, moral and spiritual repair. They are the ones that will be removed from the police force, Dela Rosa added.

Human rights abuses under Cory as bad as dictator’s record – Marcos critics’ own data

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