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Marcos, Duterte’s Independent Foreign Policy: Who Says Filipinos can’t be as Good as Americans?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino migrants, OFWs, offshore and online employees know that when it comes to opportunities in the work front, they are generally treated inferior compared to American colleagues. Many of these overseas workers wish that when they go home to their own country, they are prioritized.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO] The great President Ferdinand E. Marcos

Ferdinand E. Marcos’ Glorious Time

The last time Filipinos are proud of their first family, especially the president and first lady plus the country in general, is during the Marcos golden era. His political enemies try to erase this from the minds of the citizens but they failed. Media propaganda lasted for 30 years but not forever.

Independence Pursued just like Marcos

President Rodrigo Duterte explains that he pursues an “independent foreign policy.” He rejects any attempts at meddling by foreign governments. This meant that the government adopts and implement policies that would safeguard its national interests. His administration aims to achieve goals within its international relations environment.

Regaining Nationalism and Filipino Pride

The 1987 Constitution dictates that “The State shall pursue an independent foreign policy. In its relations with other states, the paramount consideration shall be national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest and the right to self-determination.” President Duterte made a strong point when he criticized President Obama’s comments against his war on drugs.

Goodbye Colonial Mentality

Many Filipino professionals, writers, traders and skilled workers excel in their own field in the foreign lands, especially in America. Despite their expertise, many can never earn as much as their American counterparts. It is a good thing for Filipinos to have a president who fights for his citizens’ honor – to hopefully stop discrimination in the near future. It’s about time that the world would know that Filipinos are not mere maids, prostitutes, and mistresses of American soldiers in Subic. They fill in the gap in the workforce of many countries and must be treated fairly anywhere in the world.

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