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Marcos Geared Up for 2022 Presidency but Nostradamus Hinted it’s 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Perhaps, 2022 is too far for the Philippines to finally get a leader that would walk the talk – with the uncertainties happening right now, one can only get inspired by hair-raising prophecies. As per Nostradamus’ prediction: “By the sixteenth year after the New Millennium of the Twenty First Century (2016), a new leader shall rule the Pearl of the Orient Islands in Asia (Philippines). His name has eight letters beginning as the second letter of the alphabet (B). This man shall change the course of history of the whole world and every man shall shout his name twice like the sound of a big bell (Bong Bong)”

Just analysing that, many questions come to mind. Will Leni Robredo who was proclaimed as Vice President recently end up resigning or unseated amidst election fraud protests? What drastic step that the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte would do to secure the Presidency from the Liberal Party?

What sort of history will he change apart from his own family’s story that is destroyed by media propaganda? Is this good or bad? One thing is for sure; he is endorsed by Duterte, Binay and the Politics King Maker and Fighter of Government Evils, Pastor Boy Saycon – then perhaps he’s the man that Filipinos have been longing for a leader. Bong…Bong…

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