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Marcos Knows Best: Predicts Manny Pacquiao Rise, a Great Boxer from the Visayas

Manny Pacquiao

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why many Filipinos still vote for Bongbong Marcos? He inherited his father’s wisdom, pride in his race and futuristic gift that would rescue the Philippines from its situation right now.

Youtube video by; FILIPINO WORLDWIDE tv

[VIDEO]:  Prophecy of former President Ferdinand Marcos includes the rise of the great boxer from the Visayas, Manny Pacquaio.

Pacquiao regains Boxing Title

Despite Pacquiao, being a senator elected by more than 16 million Filipinos, had to balance his training for the Vargas fight while attending Senate sessions, he still made it big. Pacquiao was very fluid with his combination punches on the middle rounds. The victory allowed him to claim his third WBO welterweight title.

If the Strongman is Alive Today

If the late President Marcos is alive today, he would tell Filipinos, “I told you so”. Pacquaio’s boxing prowess has been one of his few predictions that became true to this date.

Bataan Nuclear Plant

The Philippines is burdened with its high cost of electricity. Then former President Corazon Aquino did not continue Marcos’ project to solve this problem before through the installation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Futuristic Infrastructure

Marcos’, infrastructure projects are not only world-class. They stand the test of time. They will exist even beyond the term of another Marcos in the presidency. Now, who can discredit the father and son when they can alleviate the lives of Filipinos if given the chance?

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