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Marcos knows how to cook Pinakbet not what Robredo is talking about


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Bongbong Marcos’ life continues after filing the electoral protest against Leni Robredo and he allowed due process to take into effect without much noise. You can only hear his being a stage father to son Sandro and his love for cooking especially Ilokano food like Pinakbet. On the other hand, Robredo has been putting words into Marcos’ mouth.


She said in an interview that she thinks Senator Marcos knows he lost the elections which is contrary to his filing the electoral protest. Robredo in TV interviews also showed her being used to electoral protests since Jessie Robredo, her late husband had that many times and even in her latest post before becoming Vice President, was also contested.

The only difference this time according to Robredo is fighting against a Marcos who belongs to a highly powerful political clan. She seems to mot understand that Marcos do not have to hire anyone to defend him because he has millions of solid supporters who are angry that their votes were not counted because of the alleged fraud committed by the Liberal party that benefits her greatly.


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