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Marcos’ Medals: Detractors of Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The American press could not be better witnesses if the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ war medals were fake or not – than the surviving relatives of the deceased guerrillas who fought under the late Ferdinand E. Marcos against the Japanese occupation in Tondo. During his campaign to seek for re-election against Cory Aquino, he addressed the Tondo crowd and said: “You who are here in Tondo and fought under me and who were part of my guerrilla organization–you answer them, these crazy individuals, especially the foreign press.

Marcos did not mentioned any collaborators from the local press but we all know that the late Ninoy Aquino was a media man prior to becoming a senator. However, Jose P. Laurel, father of the opposition vice presidential candidate Salvador Laurel, was president of the puppet government during the Japanese occupation. The father-in-law of presidential candidate Corazon Aquino was his agriculture minister; as published in the Los Angeles Times.

Marcos pride himself as the most decorated war hero, with 28 medals, including the U.S. Medal of Honor. Marcos was a lieutenant in the Philippine army at the time of the Japanese invasion in 1941.It is his role as a guerrilla leader that has been questioned but not disputed by the locals who fought with him. It was even confirmed by the Pentagon that Marcos had been awarded three medals by the U.S. stemmed from his conduct during the early days of World War II while an officer with the Philippine army.

Now, why would Filipinos believe the Americans when this story can be easily traced from the roots? It’s simply because some people hated the Marcoses for the sufferings encountered during Martial Law. Like President Duterte today, although he has good intentions in cleaning up the country with criminals, his ways are comparable to the late Marcos – who was blamed for their troubles. Another thing, despite being dead for a long period of time, detractors are always bringing him up to life when they have nothing to throw to his son Bongbong Marcos who was very close to the Vice Presidency if not because of the rival party’s alleged fraudulent activities. Bongbong Marcos’ detractors just simply hit on the father because they cannot find any fault with the son who is predicted to be the leader who will lead the nation to prosperity.

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