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Marcos: New Vice President if he wins Electoral Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte introduces Bongbong Marcos as the New Vice President among Filipino-Chinese businessmen in Beijing – then added; “if he wins the electoral protest”.

Youtube video by: Pinoy Pride

[VIDEO]: This is a good compilation done by Pinoy Pride in various events showing the Duterte-Marcos tandem. Many believe that we will be moving towards progress when that happens.

No More Martial Law Memories

Duterte expresses that the result of the last election points out how Filipinos do not connect Bongbong Marcos with his father’s alleged martial law crimes. The tight count of more or less 200,000 votes difference could be nothing when PET finds that Marcos was indeed cheated.

Duterte is Safe with Marcos as VP

Those who want to oust Duterte from power will not do so if Marcos is the Vice President. They cannot bear having him as President. So, the President will be safe when Marcos becomes the second most powerful man in the country. Is this a hint that the “big change” is coming very soon?

No Revenge in Bongbong’s Heart

Marcos made it clear that he will never go after past allegations done by previous administrations. We have gone through a lot of those but we never gained anything.

Marcos Burial still Open

Bongbong did not lose hope in burying the late President Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Duterte added that it will bring closure to many Filipinos. More than the alleged martial law victims. The Ilocanos alone have been bearing the pain – and he vowed that he will do everything to put closure to those disunity.

Why People Believe that Marcos is Cheated?

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