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Marcos for Senator 2019 Not that Far Really: But is it Imee or Bongbong?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In actuality, the next national election is not that far. Bongbong Marcos may have to decide whether he’ll run for Senator in 2019 or continue with his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. On the other hand, his sister is also another bet for a senatorial slot. She is confident that she can help in creating laws favorable to the people to prevent another Ilocos 6 power abuse.

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Electoral Protest Law Loophole

Senator Ping Lacson observes that there’s a loophole in the electoral protest law. Holding the alleged victim of fraud liable to pay large sums of money discourages many to file a protest. Bongbong Marcos agrees with this and he believes that some amendments to the rules at the Supreme Court can be done. As of now, there’s no other choice but to abide by the existing regulations.

Power Abuse in the Congress

Power abuse in the Congress was evident when the House detained the so-called Ilocos 6. A case is filed by Gov. Imee Marcos through the Supreme Court that cites the Writ of Amparo. She said that their rights to liberty were threatened. The Integrated Bar of the Philippines and many other legal experts also called the attention of the House Committee but it took more than 60 days until it released them just recently.

Political or Personal Fight?

Farinas daughter is likely to run for an elective office but it is not certain yet if she’ll seek or any other member of the clan will run for Senator. This can coincide with Gov. Imee Marcos’ future plans since she cannot seek re-election anymore for the current post as governor. Another option for her is Ilocos Norte District 2 Representative or a Congress position. She was originally a resident of District 1 but changed it upon the request of Farinas to avoid such political conflict.

Marcos for Senator

Bongbong Marcos now concentrates on the Vice Presidential election protest. He is geared to run for President or Vice President in 2022 depending on the outcome of the case with Leni Robredo. However, he can also run for Senator in 2019 if the protest is marred by too many delays. When that happens, there can be two Marcoses running for Senator in 2019.