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Marcos Supporters Rallied at Baguio Supreme Court to Call on Sereno for Decision

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Around 250 supporters comprised the silent protest to show support Bongbong Marcos in front of Supreme Court or SC in Baguio City.  It is literally silent because they have ducked tapes on their mouths. They expressed their messages through banners. Then, spoke with the media afterwards.

Youtube video from; PiliPinas
[VIDEO]: BBM Supporters nagkaisang tulungan si Bongbong sa pagbabayad ng Electoral Protest Fee

Team Bongbong Marcos

Frank Esquilon of Team Bongbong Marcos said that as voters of Marcos, they want peaceful resolution on where their votes went during the May 2016 elections intended for the former senator. They assembled to show support to Marcos and to urge SC to speed up the release of their decision from the petition already filed. It is the 289th day of waiting during the rally and they hope for any result from the SC. We will wait for whatever decision they will have,” Esquilon said.

Marcos Corner in Manila Supreme Court Protest

On Monday, April 17, Marcos supporters also conducted a peaceful protest in front of SC in Metro Manila to prove continued support to Bongbong Marcos. The supporters called on the Supreme Court to start the recount to prove the allegations of electoral fraud. Both groups believe that there was massive fraud during the last elections. The credible witnesses gathered are from Luzon to Mindanao. This is why supporters say that the cheating happened nationwide.

Decision Needed: Recount or Not

It’s acceptable for the Baguio Marcos supporters whatever the decision of the SC may be. Recount or not for as long as there is action from the Supreme Court. They are praying, however, that there’s justice in the decision. We are looking for the truth and against any fraud,” Esquilon said. Some of them are from Metro Manila and other provinces in north Luzon. They swear to maintain their allegiance to the Marcoses.

One Year is Too Long

Bongbong Marcos said that one year is too long not to know who really won in the 2016 Vice Presidential race. This needs to be acted upon by the Supreme Court as soon as possible. He hopes that there will be no further delay after he has paid the initial due. The justices must act on this now.

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