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Marcos Vice Presidency Announcement: Not a Joke but Expected


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There may be surprises when the news breaks that President Rodrigo Duterte announces Bongbong Marcos as the new president but this is expected. The progress of the electoral protest against Vice President Robredo has been very quiet. But this means that people are just patient and trusting with the President’s obvious support to Marcos. Series of evidence were submitted and PET is pressured to rule. They are just buying time.

Youtube video by: Rappler

[VIDEO]: The Marcoses are part of the Philippine delegation to Duterte’s China state visit. Duterte introduces Bongbong Marcos to Filipinos in Beijing as the New Vice President.

President’s Joking Style

Duterte is noted for saying vital jokes that can make you fall off your chair. But it is observed that many of his jokes are actually happening in reality. Like Putin is his hero. The president will not say anything with regards to Marcos’s winning the Vice Presidency protest if he is not certain on the positive outcome. It is just a matter of respect that he cannot announce it directly. After all, we have the court of law that must decide over it.

Vladimir Putin may be the next Ally

Making friends with all nations is good. For as long as we do not severe ties with the long-time ally, the United States of America. Duterte knows that turning them into enemies will not be good for the economy. He shares the same sentiments with Bongbong Marcos. The only difference is, they have different personalities. Marcos can do better explanations in a diplomatic way. This is why he is needed as his Vice President.

Chinese Support

China is noted for unfair trade practices and below the standard product quality. Most Filipinos are afraid or angry about that. They are into mass production even with machinery. Therefore freak accidents in China dominate the world news. However, it is clear in the Memorandum of Agreement that their support is monetary in nature. If not, people will be hesitant to ride on that turbo train.

Joint Exploration in the South China Sea Discussions is for Marcos

A very sensitive issue is the deuterium exploration in the West Philippine Sea part of the South China Sea. Bongbong Marcos is knowledgeable on its potential since the time of his father, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Duterte has been avoiding when it comes to that. Perhaps, it will be Marcos who can better shed light on that.

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