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Marcos won in 49 Overseas Precincts but Leni got the United States and 9 Others

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
59 Philippine posts abroad had been the source of Filipino overseas voters. The breakdown showed that out of 59, Senator Bongbong Marcos won in 49 countries where these Philippine overseas posts are.

However, his arch rival, Leni Robredo got the United States of America and 9 others namely; Agana, United States, Canberra, Jakarta, The Vatican, New Delhi, Yangon, Berne, The Hague, and Port Moresby. So, 10 overseas Philippine posts are on Leni’s side.

Marcos and Robredo are in a very tough race nowadays for the second highest poditin of the land not just because of the tight vote counts but because of various evidences of election fraud from the automized server down to the ground – all pointing out to the adminstration’s bet who’s Liberal party is in the position to cheat given the governmental machinery. At least 432,706 of the 1.37 million voters voted in the 59 overseas precints.


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