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The Marcoses Know by Heart the Filipino Way of Having Fun



Elena Grace Flores

The world made a wrong judgment on the Marcoses because of their biased interpretation of the Filipino lifestyle. Even the local’s typical love for music and dancing were given negative meanings. Those were associated with extravagance. While poor people were allegedly living on trash. Little do they know that people in the largest garbage area, Smokey Mountain, occasionally organizes karaoke marathon and street dancing. That’s just how people in the Philippines have fun. Bongbong Marcos is always proud of this unique culture as he announces in his speeches. While his sister Governor Imee Marcos would just dance the night away.

Video by; Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos – The Real Macoy Retro Concert.

Love of Music

A foreign media once describes former First Lady and now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos’ love of music saying; “She had this kind of music soundtrack on all the time.” For an audience, he said, “being in that milieu has some significance. Someone who’s powerful behaves in outlandish, bigger-than-life ways creates curiosity on what motivates her”

Popular for being Musical

Immersive-style and disco-floor musical are associated with the agony and the ecstasy of the Marcos era in Philippine politics. A musical play about it has gained a reputation as one of Seattle’s stuffier theatres shakes up because of that. Imelda and her husband, the late President Ferdinand E Marcos, rose to power because of popularity. They allegedly led opulent lifestyles and imposed martial law to allegedly suppress dissent – but this has disproven by many testimonies.

Love for Dancing

It added that Imelda Marcos even had a disco built on the top floor of the Malacanang palace during their time. She is indeed one exceptional woman who’s pure love for the arts, compliments her own classic beauty inside and out. If only those foreign critics know that dancing is natural for Filipinos, they will be ashamed of themselves.

Filipino Fun through Music and Dance

Sad to say that on the negative side, Filipinos also have this crab mentality thing. The older Marcos rises into extreme popularity that made him unbeatable during elections. Presidential aspirants have to resort to media propaganda to malign his good reputation. Those ambitious Filipinos influenced the unsuspecting foreign media to make a fuzz about their singing and dancing gatherings. As nature dictates, those who make efforts to stop a nation’s culture will fail big time. Filipinos are now getting out of the colonial mentality aspect. Patriotism can only start to re-emerge.

Why is the Musical Play on Agony and Ecstasy of the Marcos Era a Hit in Seattle?

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