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Marcos’s burial at Libingan does not make Duterte a bad or good President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late Ferdinand Marcos’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, is not a big deal for President Rodrigo Duterte because it will not make him a good or bad president. Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar advised the media that the Palace would refer all legal questions on the issue to Mr. Duterte’s chief legal adviser, Salvador Panelo. “It’s up to him to make the recommendation to the President,” Andanar said.

Panelo has said that the policy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that does not prohibit the burial of former soldiers and Presidents at Libingan “does not distinguish if the president is good or bad.” He vowed to block all legal moves against the President’s decision. “The President’s stance, however, remains firm: There is clarity in the regulations governing the late President Marcos’ burial,” the Palace official said.
“The President shall, therefore, remain undistracted and it shall be governance as usual with his full and undivided attention in winning the war against drugs, criminality and corruption,” he added.

Andanar said Mr. Duterte, who had publicly admitted his admiration for the late president, also recognized the right of those who areopposing his decision, that is why the President did not stop them from holding protest rallies. “This is consistent with his philosophy that criticism, good or bad, true or not, is part of the territory of governance in public,” he said.


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