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Maria Ressa is Prone to Media Karma because she does not Walk the Talk


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Maria Ressa who is the subject of social media bashing nowadays said implies that journalists are always essential even in the technology age because they are the ones who pull the news up and give them meaning. Ressa has been criticized, ridiculed, and bashed because of her opinions. If she has done her advice honestly, she would not be affected by media karma.

Youtube video from; UNESCO
[VIDEO]:  Speakers from UNESCO’s Colloquium Journalism under Fire: Challenges of our times, share their thoughts about the recent challenges posed to journalism. Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler (Philippines), a social news network, talks about the impact of technology on journalism, and how it has triggered radical transformations that affect journalism, such as fake news.

Media Karma

Ressa should know by now that the one guilty of being a major part of a propaganda network is Rappler and her team. Its behavior is already beyond doing media work which is t bring factual news. It has promoted factual misrepresentations. They are all masquerading as investigative pieces or objective news when they are in fact maligning a target. It is responsible for institutionalizing the lie of the 7,000 extra-judicial deaths that has reached internationally. How could they undo this wrong? The people took the matter into their own hands by giving back to Ressa what she deserves.

A Great Hypocrite

Instead of looking at herself in the mirror, she blamed the pro-Duterte social media defenders for the emergence of fake news. Ressa who has been advertising Leni Robredo not just in their articles but also through paid networks would like to make it appear that they are just doing their job. This is undeniably hypocritical.

Part of Democracy

Social media is not perfect but Ressa should also realize that in these times of cyber-politics, social media warriors are essential parts of the democratic political arena. She is actually bartering her journalism credentials with her current fake news status by discrediting those who speak their minds. Democracy should work both ways and it is not dead. It is alive than ever with the people’s voice dominating the scene.

Reaping what she Sows

It is cruel to turn Ressa into a caricature of rape that rapists won’t dare rape because of her unattractive physical appearance. The truth is, it is not only beautiful women who can be victims of rape. Rape is rape. It is not about sex, but about abuse. However, she initiated the social media attacks on her when she is careless enough to say this; “You look at anyone who says anything against the killings, against the drug war, especially if they are women, they will get clobbered in social media. … They are threatened with death, with rape. You name it, it’s happened. … An average of 90 hate messages an hour … that’s what I dealt with in a month.”

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