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Master the Art of Execution for Career Advancement

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Getting things done is vital in getting high rating of job performance after employment evaluation. This is what company owners and managers are after when hiring people. It is the execution part that businesses move forward – which is basically achieving goals and objectives set before them. Surveys also rank execution as the number one skill among others. This trait should be mastered by anyone who is aspiring for that career advancement.

Which brings us to the second point. Many managers react with defensiveness or despair to this news; after all, most of the managers we know already feel like they’ve got too much to do. People who are lethargic, slow, or unfocused are rarely (at least in our experience) promoted to upper management positions. The leaders we know already work hard and long – and working harder and longer is not a viable option. In the short term this typically yields improved results, but in the long term leaders burn out. And if they’ve pushed their teams to do the same, team members quit. Full Story here: href=””>

Zenger Folkman added: But our data – gleaned from tens of thousands of 360-degree performance reviews — tells us that there are more sustainable methods of improving execution. We looked at thousands of leaders who were rated as being highly effective at execution and looked for the coinciding behaviors that enabled this skill. We found a set of behaviors that improve execution. Four behaviors in particular stood out.


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