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Matobato’s Resorting to ICC Seems Like De Lima’s Idea against PDu30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The self-confessed former Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato is filing a case against the President before the International Criminal Court (ICC) by March, according to his lawyer, Jude Sabio. The case has to be filed in the Netherlands for the alleged crimes against humanity over extrajudicial killings blamed to the President. When it comes to international courts, Senator Leila De Lima who is now in prison on drug-related charges easily comes to mind. This is her forte. 

Youtube video by; Dpatrol26
[VIDEO]: Matobato, magsasampa ng kaso laban kay Duterte sa International Criminal Court. Panoorin ang detalye.

Systematic and Widespread Crime Against Humanity?

Over 7,000 deaths are linked to the drug war. Legitimate police operations and or unexplained killings are included in this count, based on the Philippine National Police data. Sabio said that he will file a case regarding crimes against humanity connected to extrajudicial killings. Crimes against humanity are serious violations committed as part of a large-scale attack against the civilian population.

Long Overdue?

Sabio said that the said case is already long overdue because Amnesty International’s report is already released as well as the one from Human Crime Watch.  Davao policeman Arturo Lascañas also joins in who previously lied under oath that DDS is nonexistent then said the opposite on the 2nd testimony.

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The lawyer knows very well that they cannot impeach PDu30 over past crimes before he becomes president. This is why the connivance with the human rights groups is concentrated on the alleged extra-judicial killings that resulted from the ongoing war against drugs by the administration. The trails of the process just have De Lima’s influence in them. The same strategy used by the Liberal Party against the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

PDu30 Remains Popular

Despite the character assassination that portrays the president as psychopath, murderer, and dictator, his supporters are still intact. They are too tired of the yellow regime’s mismanagement and want a genuine change. Since the late Ninoy Aquino’s clan failed the Filipinos in their two terms in office, perhaps, it’s about time to pass the torch to his arch-rival’s family through the future presidency of Bongbong Marcos with the support of PDu30?

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