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Mayor Binay’s First 100 Days Highlight City Public Service that can be Felt

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In line with her father’s city public service trademark that can be felt by constituents, Mayor Abby Binay reports on her accomplishments during her first 100 days as mayor of Makati. The improvements and projects were done generally to give its constituents the quality of life they deserve. Healthcare, senior citizens privileges, business or livelihood opportunities, drug-free efforts, plus more.

City Hall Services

At City Hall, the transfer of frontline offices previously located in upper floors to the ground floor of the main building and building II for the convenience of clients has been facilitated. These include the MHP Office and the Sanitary Section Office under the Makati Health Department.

[VIDEO]: Observe the difference of Makati City Public Service Facilities and Programs compared to the rest of the country. All Filipinos deserve the same.


The Yellow Card is the popular name for the Makati Health Plus Program (MHP). With the Yellow Card, Makati residents, city government workers, and other qualified beneficiaries are provided with government-subsidized health care at the Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK) and the city’s health centers. Effective October 10, the validity of the Yellow Card is extended to three years, instead of one year, for Makati residents.

Ospital ng Makati

The air conditioning system has been restored to 60 per cent performance. The AIP now includes the purchase of new chillers for OSMAK for the City Council to approve it immediately. The hospital management has also introduced several innovations to remove the burdens previously encountered by residents.

Barcode System for Efficient City Public Service

A bar code system is now in place for the registration of patients. Old patients already included in the database are given bar code stickers for their Yellow Card IDs. Each time they return to the hospital, their ID cards will be scanned and their registration immediately activated. This allows city public service technology for efficient operation.

Physician Assistants

Nurses have also been designated as Physician Assistants to explain and update patients on their medical condition and results of their tests. Patients and their relatives no longer need to wait for their doctor to explain and update them, thereby reducing their anxiety.

Emergency Room Lounge

To address overcrowding at the Emergency Room, OSMAK has opened a Discharge Lounge for patients waiting for their discharge papers and the arrival of relatives. The hospital also provides free rides for patients treated for strokes or those who cannot commute to their homes. We have also institutionalized the Makati Lingkod Bayan Caravan to bring city government services directly to the people.

Summing Up the Services Provided

3,552 residents in four barangays benefited from the caravan in the past two months. Over 1,200 availed themselves of free medical consultations.  Many of them were able to undergo blood sugar screening, X-ray, and ECG, all for free. Free dentures were given to over 100 clients, and 530 patients got brand new reading glasses.Free haircut and massage services were both bestsellers. Each attracted more than 500 clients of all ages and genders. Over 500 young residents had fun participating in the learning camp and other youth-oriented activities, and enjoyed free meals, too. They also received free books and toys, courtesy from partner-NGOs. Free pet vaccination was also a hit among pet owners. 456 dogs and cats were vaccinated.

Street Cleanup

As part of our program to promote walkable streets for the safety of our residents and the general public, the city government has so far cleared 128 streets of sidewalk vendors, stalls, and other obstructions.

Oplan Tokhang

As of September, a total of 1,333 drug users and pushers have surrendered under Oplan Tokhang. The Makati Police also arrested 179 individuals, consisting of 114 users and 65 pushers. All of Makati’s barangays, including the six gated villages, extended their cooperation to the Makati Police.


Assistance is given to 64 drug dependents including some surrenderers from the barangays. Of these, 30 were admitted into various rehabilitation centers including DOH-run facilities in Bicutan and Tagaytay. 23 were enrolled in our counseling program, while the rest were referred to the National Center for Mental Health.

The above are the main city public service improvements just in the first quarter of Binay's term. Other efforts are with the commercial sector - where compliance to the rules are strictly imposed.

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