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Mayor Lani and Sen Bong Revilla: The Power Couple’s Secrets in Staying in Love Despite Trials

Bong Revilla

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Under the Aquino administration, what do you get when you show support to Bongbong Marcos? Accused of corruption for one just like Binay and Senator Bong Revilla. Also, like the Binays’ the Revilla power couple remains so, even if the good senator is still in prison for plunder charges that he cannot really understand. Love never goes for both supporters of Marcos despite the trials in court and in their relationships as a family.

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Be a Role Model by Coming to Terms with Each Other Immediately after a Conflict

The Revilla power couple already celebrated their silver year of their marriage. They have six children and some grandchildren. Bong and Lani renewed their vows during their centennial wedding anniversary where the 1st wedding took place in the US. They relive the magical moment of their original exchange of “I do’s.” They made it a point to be a role model to their admirers, constituents, and children by trying to amend conflicts between the two of them before other people get to know them.

Pray when you can’t Think Straight

There are many times in a marriage that one becomes desperate, cannot understand the partner, and angry with anything due to a busy life. Given that Lani and Bong are both from show business and politics, they can easily be irked with the wrong news. However praying before confronting helps to relax the mind and heart – and once that is achieved, the problem also disappears.

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Love, Understanding, and Patience from Both

Bong gives a lot of credit to his wife, Lani Revilla for trusting him. Thinking that he’s one of the more than 80 children of his father, Ramon Revilla, Sr., it is easy to misjudge him. Lani leaves that to love. It is the reason why her understanding and patience are so great – because love makes everything possible if you want it.

Don’t Let Love Go

Don’t sleep before a problem is resolved with each other. It is refreshing to wake up in the morning fresh. The problem is left with the day that passed. Never let love go by leaving a petty problem unresolved in a day. They will just pile up. The moment you realized that conflicts already escalate, love is already gone. Look at Bong and Lani Revilla despite the latter being in prison now for around two years, love remains strong. It is just a matter of time that the patriarch will be home soon.

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