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Media Havocs caused them Duterte’s Prohibiting Live Interviews

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Giant media will not anymore get first hand information from the President himself – after various controversies arise from misinterpreted friendly gestures of the president towards Mariz Umali of GMA and media groups threatening him to boycott his press conferences due to his comments regarding media killings. President Rodrigo Duterte really showed to the public that the media will not have power over his presidency because he can’t be bluffed.

This was announced by his thanksgiving party coordinators today, June 4, 2016. No more live interaction with the president at close range. Direct media coverage is already prohibited. Instead, live footage will be channeled through Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM) and state-run People’s Television Network (PTV4).

Just before 8 am, Bong Go made this known to the media in behalf of Duterte.


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