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Media Propaganda did this to Binay: from most trusted to most accused

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Media Propaganda really did hurt this country and partly to blame is the people’s lack of knowledge and discretion. A media group’s plan to Boycott President Rodrigo Duterte’s press conferences will not be his loss – just because he was too honest about his opinions about media killings in the country. Social Media can even transmit the news faster than any TV, radio or print publications. Besides, if you do not cover the president’s updates, then your medium is not worth anything.

President Duterte also knew quite well that the corruption allegations against outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay were politically motivated and escalated by the media. Here’s an advice when you are a press representative dealing with President Duterte; do not ask him a certain controversial question when you are not ready how to handle his answers!

The fact that many voters protested to the Pnoy administration by not voting for a Liberal presidentiable – and ended up voting for Duterte despite his rare personality for a public figure is a clear indication that the most trusted public official (Binay) now became the most accused – thus giving him no chance in the top position of the country. Duterte knows that Binay is the most qualified presidentiable and you can see now, that he is making up to him. So for sure, Binay would remain a prominent figure in Philippine politics.

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