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Meet Pastor Boy Saycon, Political King Maker & Fighter of Government Evils

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From : BINAYBrigade HQ
This man, Pastor Boy Saycon, called Boy or Boss or Chief by many, a product of Arriba Letran, an architecture enthusiast turned political king maker, honed by two EDSAs, a nationalist, a dreamer of a strong nation, an ardent student of the late Professor Emmanuel Yap who was the only Filipino invited by Russia to attend the Vladivostok Peace Conference decades ago, Pro Deo, Pro Patria, Pro Sabah, was one of firsts who were jailed at Bicutan days after Martial Law was declared. A young detainee then, he was jailed in a cell where then Sen. Pepe Diokno and Ka Luis Taruc were incarcerated. He then so hated the late Pres, Ferdinand Marcos and his martial law implementors for his alleged crime of student activitism that landed him in jail for a couple of months ONLY TO FIND OUT YEARS AND DECADES LATER DURING HIS CONTINUOUS RESEARCH AND STUDY OF ASIA, AMERICA AND EUROPE that IT WAS THE AMERICANS who declared martial law through then President Marcos to stop the rise of communism in the Philippines and make our country an instrument of America in the cold war with Russia. He used to tell us that it was during this time ” na taga timpla siya ng kape at utusan ng mga matatanda sa kulungan ” that he became a nationalist and knew by heart what Ka Luis and Ka Pepe were fighting for – FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS TRUE AND GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY AND FIGHTING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. I remember him telling us on many occasions that Ka luis used to implore him – ” HIJO, KUNG ANO ANG TAMA para sa bansa IPAGLABAN MO ” Boy SAYCON’s nationalist mind was molded by Ka Pepe and Ka Luis and Professor Emmanuel Yap who inculcated in his mind the doctrine – “KNOW THE HISTORICAL TRUTH OF YOUR COUNTRY AND BUILD A STRONG NATION.

He fought martial law. He was there at EDSA 1 and 2. He is one of the forerunners of the Council on Philippine Affairs patterned after the American Foreign Policy Society to guide and assist Philippine Governments in its foreign policy formulations. He fiscalized the Arroyo administration. He spearheaded NoyBI. He fought the evils of the aquino regime. HE ADVOCATED THE NEED TO RECLAIM SABAH BECAUSE IT IS OWNED BY THE SULTANATE OF SULU, a sovereign entity since the 14th century. He marshalled BINAYBrigade with the firm belief that a BINAY – BONGBONG government would make our nation a stronger one capable of facing all threats from without and within. He made Mayor Digong a veritable option and an insurance against the evil plans of the yellow government – EVILS WHICH ARE NOW COMING TO FORE. And now he is fighting for the TRUTH FOR THE SAKE OF THIS COUNTRY’s next generations.

THERE IS ALSO ONE BASIC THING THAT HE LEARNED FROM THE SPANISH REGIME. It is the letter ” Ñ ” and he only uses this letter when emphasizing a strategic point in planning. Just two (2) weeks ago he called me to share infos on the malacañan cheating for the yellow candidates and he jokingly shouted ” puñeta, susuportahan mo ba ang kababayan mo na kasama sa pandaraya (referring to the bicolana candidate)? Bakit naman ako sir susuporta sa mga nandaya? i responded.

These are just few of what i know of the MAN – a leader in his own right. A MA MON LUK guy.