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Microchip equipped passports: no mention of West Philippine Sea, only regions


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Effective August 15, the Philippines will be issuing new passports with added security features which is microchip-enhanced, that can be delivered quickly to the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA for speedy distribution to owners.

Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar issued a statement statement saying that Filipinos who wish to apply for a passport will receive the “all new high-security passport” starting August 15.

The microchip is embedded to capture the personal data of the applicant. Aside from that, the invisible ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent ink and thread, and elaborate design when subjected to UV light are also in place.

Intaglio printing commonly used for money printing and the printing of the coat using optical variable illusion ink so that the color varies at different angles are also implemented to make it difficult to fake them.

Unlike the Chinese passport, the Philippine passport does not make mention of any South China Sea or West Philippine Sea entitlement despite the favorable ruling – but it is designed to promote the different regions in the country.


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