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The Military Awaits President’s Ceasefire Order with Rebels as Peace Talks Resume


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president explains how the DDS or Davao Death Squad exists to suppress the rebels’ sparrow units in Davao during the old days. This is when he justifies the all-out-war strategy against the CPP-NPA if they continue to fight. However, the government’s peace panel and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines announce to resume peace talks in the Netherlands. Informal talks between the administration and the NDFP are hosted by the Royal Norwegian Government in Utrecht on March 10 and 11. The President has yet to give his orders to the military.


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[VIDEO]: The President confirms the existence of the Davao Death Squad or DDS to counter-act with the rebels’ sparrow units.

New Arrangements with the Rebels

As soon as JASIG is reactivated,  the government must release NDFP consultants who are in jail. In such a way that the 19 NDFP consultants and staff who participate in the negotiation can continue to take part in the peace talks. The joint statement reads; “The GRP shall release rearrested consultants, ensure the safety and liberty of all the consultants, as well as undertake the necessary measures including the extension or reinstatement of their ball, as the case may be, and other legal remedies to enable their free and unhindered movement.”

Ongoing All-Out-War About to End?

Peace Process Presidential Adviser Jesus Dureza said that the president himself monitors the ongoing negotiations in the Netherlands. He only reacts according to every situation as it is presented to him. The all-out-war reaction is his response after soldiers are killed by the rebels. He even cried at their wake in Davao. As he attends the PMA Class Graduation of 2017 in Baguio recently, he has not instructed the military yet on the possible ceasefire. The president made it clear also that he does not need DDS now to topple insurgencies in Davao because he already has the military and the PNP behind him.

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Bilateral Ceasefire

Presidential Adviser Dureza said that the declarations of unilateral ceasefires are a prelude to an interim bilateral ceasefire. The panels hold further meetings to determine and agree on rules, necessary guidelines and mechanisms for that particular ceasefire.

Government Panel Still in Discussion with Leaders of the Rebels

The parties are expected to start discussions on the bilateral ceasefire during the scheduled resumption of the negotiations during the first week of April 2017,” Dureza said. The agreement states that the parties shall take due consideration of the issues and concerns raised by each party in relation to the six-month unilateral ceasefire before from August 2016 to February 2017. This peace process with the rebels is still ongoing.

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