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Military Funeral Honors: Watch Binay’s Marcos Burial Negotiation – can that be done again?

Military Funeral Honors

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Negotiations were made before by former Vice President Jejomar Binay with the Marcos family that the late President be buried in his hometown with full military funeral honors. The family accepted it but the plan was not implemented during the Aquino administration.

[VIDEO]: Watch how the negotiations materialized with Binay’s acting as go between two feuding families.

Recollection of the Binay Camp

Recollection of the Binay Camp

The camp of Jejomar Binay recalls that in 2011, the Vice President recommended to President Benigno Aquino III. That the late strongman will be buried with full military funeral honors in Batac, Ilocos Norte. It was approved by the family.

Missed Opportunity by the Aquino Administration

The Aquino administration missed an opportunity to lay the Marcos burial issue to rest when it did not act on former VP Binay’s recommendation. It was made as early as 2011 to allow the burial of Marcos in Batac, Ilocos Norte. Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado discloses last August 16, 2016.

Deal with Imee Marcos

Binay talked to Imee Marcos when they were in Cebu. How can we resolve this issue?; Binay asked Imee. Then they agreed to do the burial in Batac but with full military funeral honors.

In Favor of Marcos’s Burial at Heroes’ Cemetery

Binay is in favor of burying Marcos at the Heroes’ cemetery. This is despite the fact that he was a human rights lawyer who fought for alleged martial law victims. It was evident when only he and President Rodrigo Duterte answered yes to the debate question in Cebu, if they are in favor of giving Marcos a hero’s burial. Can this be done again to pacify protesters?


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