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Millennials Still Vote for Marcos Despite Hearing Stories from Martial Law Victims


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The video started with a positive note when Millennials were interviewed and they all think that martial law is for the good of the people. However, when the alleged martial law victims tell their stories, some are in tears, others are sympathetic but their body language shows that it’s got nothing to do with Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; The Lazy Boy’s Journey

[VIDEO]: Gruesome stories of martial law victims did not seem to manage to change the interviewed Millennials’ mind in voting fo Bongbong Marcos.

Rape and Abuse

The old woman in the video who claimed that she was raped and tortured during martial law was so detailed with her experience. She made sure she mentioned her vagina and nipples that were molested during her ordeal. This prompted the young lady into bursting into tears but she is sad only because of her bad experience. I guess, they failed to implicate Bongbong Marcos with the martial law abuses.

Martial Law was for Discipline

The young man in the video is very convinced that martial law was declared to instill discipline to the people. The old man then explained how he was abused in prison causing discomforts to the younger one. However, his facial expression shows confusing asking; why are you telling me this? The former president Ferdinand Marcos is already dead. The recent election involved Bongbong Marcos, not his father.

Purpose of the Video

Obviously, the purpose of the video is to discredit the son for the alleged sins of the father but young people of today already have better access to the yesterday’s information through the internet. Besides, they are more knowledgeable as far as laws are concerned. They’ve acknowledged the sufferings that happened to the victims but if you compare what these detractors are saying against Bongbong Marcos’ insights and principles, he is the one who makes sense for the progress of the country.

Most Filipinos want Marcos Back

If the late President Ferdinand Marcos is alive today and running for president, he can still win. People actually felt that their past mistakes against the older Marcos can be corrected by voting for the son. No wonder Bongbong Marcos got more than 14 million votes. He could have won if not cheated. The “Never Again” campaign actually failed big time. It’s still Marcos that lingers. There’s just too many grandfathers and grandmothers who are making sure that their grandchildren would know better than the previous media propaganda against the Marcoses.

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