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Why is the Musical Play on Agony and Ecstasy of the Marcos Era a Hit in Seattle?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

“Here Lies Love,” a musical by David Byrne that highlights Imelda Marcos is extended up to June 18 at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Rep spokeswoman Michelle Sanders Leyva confirms that the theater’s high-stakes gamble is already paying off. Inspired by former first lady Imelda Marcos, Byrne said; “She had this kind of music soundtrack on all the time.” For an audience, he said, “being in that milieu has some significance. Someone who’s powerful behaves in outlandish, bigger-than-life ways creates curiosity on what motivates her”

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[VIDEO]: In this episode of Epiphany David Bryne discusses his latest musical venture – a disco musical about former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos.

Most Expensive Musical Production

The Rep says, the musical“Here Lies Love” is its most expensive production ever. However, it won’t disclose its investment. But Leyva reveals that it becomes the best-selling show in Seattle Rep history. “It has already sold more in these few weeks than any other show has over the course of its entire run,” she said.

Breaking a Record

The show began previews on April 7. The closing date was originally scheduled for May 28. The Byrne musical is a collaboration with Fatboy Slim. It hasn’t yet passed the benchmark for single-ticket sales set by the Tony Award-nominated Seattle Rep coproduction “Come From Away.” But Leyva is confident that it is on track to break that record, also.

Imelda’s Love of Music

Strong single-ticket sales reassure that the Rep succeeded in its expensive, ambitious gamble with “Here Lies Love”. It woos new audiences with an immersive-style, disco-floor musical about the agony and the ecstasy of the Marcos era in Filipino politics. The Rep’s longstanding reputation as one of Seattle’s stuffier theaters shakes up because of that. Imelda and her husband, the late President Ferdinand E Marcos, rose to power because of popularity. They led opulent lifestyles and imposed martial law to allegedly suppress dissent – but this has disproven by many testimonies.

Always a Star

Byrne himself was inspired to set the musical in a disco because Imelda Marcos even had one built on the top floor of the Malacanang palace during their time. She is indeed one exceptional woman who’s pure love for the arts, compliments her own classic beauty inside and out.

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