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Muslims Leaders in Mindanao Explain the Good Side of Marcos Martial Law

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Muslim leaders in Mindanao take the initiative of explaining to their constituents that the fear of martial law during the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ time was brought about because of the alleged military power abuse. Martial law in the real sense then and now aims to discipline the people. It makes the authorities job easier to seprate the rebels from the law-abiding citizens.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Muslims in Mindanao explain why others are against martial law but most of them are for it.

Davao Lockdown

After the President put the entire island of Mindanao under martial law, his daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Carpio ordered a lockdown in the entire city. She wanted to prevent diversionary or retaliatory attacks from groups instilling fear in Marawi City. Hours later, she downgraded her order to “hold and secure” the entire city. Her office issued a set of guidelines on how citizens and visitors should behave amid the alert.

Likely Target

If insurgents want to divert attention, they would do it in Davao because it is where the President lives. Davao City is also the rallying point of Mindanao. Under a lockdown situation, travels are monitored.The mayor decided to relax the order to “hold and secure because its restrictions are more appropriate with the current situation of the conflict.

ID Inspection

People without identification cards are questioned to make sure that no rebels mingle with the population. As long as they are not guilty, no fear was seen. This is in spite of not being able to show IDs for various persona reasons. Military abuses are also not likely to happen now because of technology. Once such incident occurs, it’s for sure posted through social media in a matter of minutes.


Aside from the usual security measures, the Office of the Preident sends guidelines to the local governments in Mindanao. This is to make sure that the people know what they should do to secure themselves. Establishments are also urged to implement such security measures accordingly. So far, Fiipinos in Mindanao welcome martial law for their own good.

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