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NBI Probe on Marcos Legacy Scam Ordered but Organizer Insists on Wealth Legality


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos, son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos distances his family from the gathering organized by One Social Family Credit Cooperative that uses alleged inherited wealth in their propaganda. He describes the event as “a scam, pure and simple.” Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said that he would order the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the activities of the group that organizes it at the UPLB.

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[VIDEO]: Coalition organizer of alleged Marcos legacy scam at UPLB Insists that the inheritance for distribution is not ill-gotten Wealth.

Justice Secretary’s Move

Aguirre II vows to let the National Bureau of Investigation look into the activities of a group that lured thousands of people to the campus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It promises of a P1-million share each from the alleged inheritance of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This can’t be true knowing the security measures imposed to the wealth for humanity by the late Marcos himself.

Not Tolerating the Scam

The Justice Secretary added: “We should not allow them to do what they are doing because they are fooling thousands of people. It’s not good,” Aguirre told the Inquirer. “We will prosecute those behind it if the evidence warrants.” This is after Vice Presidential Protestee, Marcos confirms that they have nothing to do with it. Many speculations arise that this can be a propaganda to malign the namesake.

Old Scam using Wealth to Attract Targets

A certain group already used a similar modus operandi in the past. It was charged with syndicated Estafa by the NBI in 2013, Aguirre said he would direct the agency to check if the people linked to that case are involved in the said UPLB event. Money hopefuls flocked to the University of the Philippines Los Baños campus. They hope to claim their share as promised to them by the cooperative. This is allegedly in exchange for a P30 booklet on Marcos’ “achievements” they had to buy voluntarily.

NBI Welcomes Law Suits against Organizer

Aguirre also urges those who want to sue the UPLB event organizers to go to the nearest NBI office and bring a complaint. “If there is such a criminal complaint filed, we will definitely act on it,” he said. Marcos welcomes this move. Filipinos must be aware that the wealth for humanity is not for distribution. Even the Marcos family cannot access them in cold cash. A Senate and a Congress proceeding may be necessary to reassign the funds only for public projects that are beneficial for the people.

NBI probe Marcos ‘legacy’ scammers

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