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Netizens Call to Jail Fariñas on Gov. Imee Marcos’ Vehicle Distribution Disclosure


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos said that Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas was with her during the distribution of the vehicles purchased using the special fund. Netizens are disgusted with this revelation. The one who squeals is really the traitor.

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: Ilocos 6 row may lead to constitutional crisis – IBP

House Order

The House hereby directs Gov. Marcos to appear before the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability. This is for her to testify under oath. The Congress explains that this is relative to the subject matter under inquiry on the Committee hearing scheduled on July 25 at 9:30 a.m. She is notified via a subpoena.

Written Statement

Marcos is also asked to prepare a written statement under oath. She should submit that 48 hours before the hearing. Her legal counsel is allowed during the inquiry. The governor has no problem to comply with the written requirement but as of now, it’s still a no-show for her as per the advice of many experts.

Details of the Subpoena

The subpoena’s date is June 25 but the House of Representatives’ Office of the Secretary receives it only on June 27. The signatories are House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Surigao del Sur 2nd District Rep. Johnny Pimentel as committee chairman, and House Secretary-General Cesar Pareja. Although everybody knows that Fariñas initiated it because it will work in his favor.

Traitors of the Constitution

The House earlier detained the Ilocos 6 and vows to do the same to Marcos. Then Fariñas has the nerve to ask her; what is she afraid of. If this congressman does not have the common sense and heart of a good public servant, why is this tolerates? Constitutional crises can easily result from this situation because there’s no way that the Supreme Court would allow the Congress to also detain its justices who issued the show cause order for the immediate release of the Ilocos 6. These congressmen need a crash course on why laws are created.

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