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Netizens’ Cry: No to Death Penalty if Heinous Crimes Especially Rape with Murder are not Included

Death penalty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many netizens ask in various social media groups why rape with murder along with plunder and treason are removed from the Death Penalty bill? Does this mean that the lawmakers do not listen to the people but only want to serve the the President?

Youtube video by; Duterte Tracker Live

Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro, Principal Bill Co-author

Castro discloses that the original death penalty proposal contains heinous crimes, especially rape, murder, treason and plunder. However, many congressmen opposes treason and plunder but it is easier to remove all heinous crimes and leave only the drug-related crimes to speed up the process. This is eventually needed to support the President’s war on drugs.

Amended but Scraped Off

A majority of congressmen also agreed to the amendments that were initially decided upon during several majority caucuses but announces recently that they are scraped off from the bill:

  • Retain only the crimes of plunder, treason, rape, and 7 drug offenses
  • Give judges the option to punish perpetrators of heinous crimes with life imprisonment or death
  • Safeguard measures for the accused

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Netizens Prostest why Rape with Murder not Included

Here’s a part of the netizens’ cry for not including heinous crimes especially rape with murder in the death penalty bill:

No Heinous Crimes then No to Death Penalty

The conclusion of these complaints by the netizens is; include heinous crimes including rape with murder or no death penalty at all!

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