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Is a New Twist Expected Under the New PCGG Appointee of PDu30 on Alleged Marcos’ Ill-Gotten Wealth?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President appoints fellow alumnus from the San Beda College of Law to be the news Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG. It’s task is to recover the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Marcos family. Lawyer John Bayani is appointed as PCGG Commissioner recently and takes his oath of office before Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre on February 27.

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[VIDEO]: President Duterte appoints new PCGG Commissioner.

P170 Billion Sequestered Assets of PCGG

Bayani takes over the PCGG with recovered P170.45 billion in alleged ill-gotten wealth from the Marcoses. P78.1 billion of it is remitted to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program or CARP. It is required by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law to do so.

15 Civil Cases

The Supreme Court in 2012 declares Arelma as part of the suspected Marcos family’s ill-gotten wealth. The PCGG cites at least 15 civil cases filed before the Sandiganbayan and Supreme Court. These are steps taken by the Marcoses to block the forfeiture of their assets. 

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Biased Media Try to Implicate Bongbong Marcos

Naturally, the Marcos family made various efforts to block the PCGG from seizing their assets because as they claim, they are presonal assets. The wealth for humanity is still at the World Bank. Last April, the PCGG said that in the 20-year litigation of seizing P1.9 billion worth of funds from the Arelma bank account in Panama, Bongbong Marcos takes the lead to prevent the forfeiture of Arelma funds. As the only son of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos, it is his is duty to do so for the family especially now that former First Lady Imelda Marcos is not that young anymore. 


Will PCGG’s Way Changes with the President’s Friedly Relations with the Marcoses?

The president is prous with his friendly relations with the Marcoses. He even pushes for and later ordered a hero’s burial for their patriarchs amidsts protests from the Liberal Party supporters. PDu30 also said that he intends to “expand” the powers of the PCGG but did not elaborate if it finally looks into the alleged World Bank gold reserves as publicized by the institution’s whistle blower.

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