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News Agencies Dying Due to Credibility – Is it because of Anti-Bongbong Marcos Stunts?


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Elena Grace Flores

A local publication picks up on the news that nine European press agencies call on internet giants to be to pay copyright for using news content for huge profits. It comes as the EU debates a directive to make Facebook, Google, Twitter and others pay for news articles they allegedly use or link to. In the country, many stay away from watching news from the mainstream media because of credibility. Many people believe that most of them are biased. This is obvious with Bongbong Marcos. The black media propaganda on his father resurfaces every time he confronts VP Leni Robredo as the election protest continues.

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Facebook becomes the Biggest Media

“Facebook becomes the biggest media in the world,” they said. “Neither Facebook nor Google does not have journalists who cover such events. Just recently, press people question the accreditation privilege laid out by the government for social media practitioners. They thought that to have 5,000 followers is easy to reach via FB. The palace corrects this by saying that aside from the community requirement, they have to prove that they publish original news regularly.

9% Profit Drop

Catching up with family and friends for people to log onto Facebook is a priority for most users. News only comes second. Social Media profits reach $10 billion or 8.5 billion Pesos last year. The news agencies accuse online platforms of reaping vast profits “from other people’s work” by soaking up between 60 and 70% of advertising revenue. Google’s jumps by a fifth in a year. Ad revenue for news media fell 9% in France alone last year.  This trend is a disaster for the industry.

Social Media are the People’s Medium

The quality of journalism in the country is very questionable. Like for example, fake news on the Marcoses seems like a priority. Real updates on the Marcos siblings are often ignored. Social media practitioners fill in the gap made by mainstream journalists. Anyone who has internet access can post any event witnessed. However, the so-called online journalists gather all the facts with evidence and promote them via social media in a news article form.

Credibility Issue

In fact, some commercial media publications are quick enough to report on December 8 that Edilberto del Carmen uses the alias Angel Ferdinand Marcos to pretend as the son of the late Ferdinand Marcos while doing illegal things. On the other hand, there’s hardly any mention of Bongbong Marcos’ efforts during the  Marawi City visit last December 4, 2017. People who realize this kind of incompetence by the traditional press would rather get vital information from their handy gadget in real time. They have lost not only their credibility but also reliability. Besides, who made martial law look bad?

Why Do Commercial Media Report on Ferdinand Marcos’ Legacy Fakers, NOT on its Realities?

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