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Nice, France: Another victim of Global Terrorism on Bastille Day

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The southern French city of Nice was terrorized when a large truck plowed into Bastille Day crowd that left 80 people dead including many children and 18 people are now being treated for serious injuries. The truck driver also died when the police apprehended the chaos leading to his death – after he got shot by a police officer. It is not known yet if the culprit had some accomplices.

The truck was found with loads of weapons and grenades – and the driver was seen firing at the unsuspicious crowd celebrating Bastille Day. The driver was confirmed trying to kill as many as he can by “zigzagging” his way around as he passed by at top speed from 2km away estimated at about 50km/h.

François Hollande, the French president, who condemned the attack and referred to it as “monstrosity” ordered authorities to strenghten its forces. France’s state of emergency is now extended over the next 3 months. Once again, the war on terrorism is ignited. The United Nations including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump criticized this terrorism attack without tolerance and gave tribute to France in their own ways.


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