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No charges to De Lima and Duterte: Stop Using the Senate for Political Assassinations


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Now that no charges can be recommended by the House to be filed against Senator Leila De Lima for alleged illegal drug trade involvement and President Duterte is also cleared in teh Extra Judicial killings allegations, perhaps soap opera-like senate hearings can now stop.

[VIDEO]: Senator Dick Gordon criticizes President Rodrigo Duterte for his public announcement on wanting to kill drug dealers and users in the country. Youtube video by Rappler.

House: No Recommendations to Charge De Lima

It is bizarre for Filipinos to learn that after declaring that all evidences in the form of hearsays pointing at Senator Leila De Lima, no single charge can be recommended by the House for her alleged Bilibid prison illegal drug trade involvement. This is just clearly a political assassination since no evidence can stand in court.

Gordon: The Probe Fails to Implicate Duterte with EJK

We can on;y guess the outcome of the Extra Judicial Killings probe. There were obvious covering ups and bias actions but better leave this to the conclusion that President Rodrigo Duterte has nothing to do with the Extra Judicial Killings in Davao when he was still mayor.

Can we move on Now?

Instead of destroying each other, why can’t Senator Leila De Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte work together for the good of the country? It does not help having a divided nation. The President should prioritize uniting Filipinos first before he can do something else for its progress -because he can’t simply do it alone.

Noise is Damaging to President Duterte

Threats, warnings and abusive language thrown by the President to his detractors and to alleged drug trade criminals destroy only himself. It’s like falling on its own sword. As head of the nation, anything he says in public can be charged against him when it violates human rights. It’s called crime against humanity. One that  he’s guilty of is ‘inciting to killings’; according to the UN. The ICC is already closely watching on that. So, we are urging President Duterte to behave. We don’t want you ousted!

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