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No Compassion from Fariñas in Congress – Heart Hardened by the Demise of Wife and Son

No Compassion from Fariñas in Congress - Heart Hardened by the Demise of Wife and Son

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas earlier turned down Bongbong Marcos’ plea to release them based on the CA order to Congress. He also warned the Ilocos Norte officials against using lawyers allegedly provided by Governor Imee Marcos and the rest of the Marcoses.

Youtube video from; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte provincial accountant Eden Battulayan cries as she appeals for the House committee on good government and public accountability to allow her and her 5 colleagues to be released from detention.

Not Commenting on Copies

The six Ilocos Norte employees told Fariñas then they could not comment on the documents. Those are only copies and asked that they see the originals. The committee pointed out that the original copies of the documents disappeared. This is as soon as the investigation was initiated in Congress, the solons said.

Missing Originals

Fariñas is not affected by Battulayan’s appeal. He reminds them of the Rules of Court saying it allows the House to make use of secondary documents in a congressional probe when original copies are missing. He warned the detained employees; “Be careful with your lawyers because they are covering up for someone else! They’re telling you not to talk, but you’re the ones who are the ones who will get into trouble here!”

Out to Pin Down Imee Marcos

He also offered the officials to become state witnesses just so they would testify. But they did not accept. This is why is gives them a hard time for being loyal to Imee Marcos. His superiority might excel now but for sure, many voters would remember his lack of compassion – not only for him but for his clan.


Rodolfo “JR” Fariñas Jr. died when his motorcycle collided with a concrete barrier in Barangay (village) Buyon in 2015. JR’s mother is former beauty queen and actress Maria Teresa Carlson who is said to have leapt to her death in 2001. The alleged suicide was speculated as the result of her miserable life with her husband.

Son of Ilocos Norte Representative Fariñas dies in motorcycle crash