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No Peace: Philippine President faces Assassination Threat before and now Coup d’ etat

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pity is the man without peace. Communications secretary Martin Andanar confirmed that Malacañang has received reports of a coup plot against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This is basically a serious one granting that the source is reliable, according to the President’s aid.

Philippine President

In a press briefing, Andanar said “credible sources in the United States” have provided them information.

A visiting Cabinet member who is visiting New York reported the plot to oust Duterte by January 2017. The palace is not taking the information lightly. They are conducting investigations to confirm the alleged people behind the plan.

Filipino-Americans Suspected

The suspicion seems to be alligned with the facilities of the administration’s detractors. They are the members of the Liberal Party. It was noted during the election that most Filipino-Americans did not vote for Duterte or they were against him. Vice President Leni Robredo was also quoted saying negative things against the present administration during her speech to the Filipino community there. She denied the accusation. If the Liberal Party would really want for Duterte to vacate his position, why should it be masterminded from America?

Insurgents Take Part

Joma Sison, the Communist Party of the Philippines’ founder also warns Duterte – that some insurgents plan Duuterte’s assasination. The news on this is neutralized by the President’s intensified war on drugs.

Drug Syndicates Get Back on him

There’s also a strong speculation that big time drug criminals overseas and even locally would really want to get rid of him for obvious reasons.

Circumstances did not help in preserving the aspirations of the President. The following must be secured to keep the power away from the opposing party – as per Duterte’s goal:
1. Verdict on Bongbong Marcos’ Vice Presidential election protest
2. Constitutional change to favor Federalism
3. Prevent pro-Duterte senators from turning against him as the war on drugs escalated
4. Reinstallation of bilateral ties with foreign allies including the United Nations

Duterte at 71 still has lots of things to do to better the Philippines. At the rate it is going, public services are not prioritized. It will just be a matter of time that majority of the Filipinos will soon have enough of his unlikely solutions. No president in his right mind could sleep well at night when many people want him dead or take part in his ouster. He needs lots of prayers!


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