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North Korea’s UN Message for the US Includes Nuclear War Threats

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

A North Korean diplomat wished journalists in the United Nations press conference to have a good holiday weekend recently and then warned a possible thermonuclear war retaliation to the US warning. It may be the North Korean’s usual stint against the interference of the Americans – but this time, the nuclear war threat is now with serious name and details.

Youtube video from; Independent News
[VIDEO]: United Nations (CNN)Only at a North Korean press conference at the United Nations, can you hear a diplomat say he hoped journalists had a good holiday weekend and then warn of possible thermonuclear war.

Consistent Nuclear Threats

North Korea is consistent in their nuclear war threats toward the United States for decades, but since the Trump administration’s announcement to end of a “strategic patience” policy with Pyongyang, it has made its warning a reality with facts. It’s UN deputy representative, Kim In Ryong disclosed at a UN press conference some war scenarios and rhetoric with the United States as a target.

US Warning

Just hours after US Vice President Mike Pence visited the North and South Korea demilitarized zone, the UN press conference was held. Pence warned North Korea not to test the might of the United States or the strength of their military forces. Instead of retreating, he touched the ego of the Korean leaders and slams him off in a separate press briefing.

North Korea Retaliates

The country returns the verbal fire in New York. North Korea’s UN ambassador condemns the US naval buildup off the Korean Peninsula. They are also not happy with the US missile attacks on Syria. Kim said, “It has created a dangerous situation in which thermonuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula and poses a serious threat to world peace and security.”

More Serious this Time

The thermonuclear term relates to or using nuclear reactions that occur only at very high temperatures. Kim did not say nuclear but it is clear that they anticipate the use of thermonuclear. If nuclear war is devastating enough, how much more thermonuclear?

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