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Nothing To Do With Bongbong Marcos & Imelda: ‘Libingan’ Anti-Marcos Tough Rules Imposed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Visitors visiting a relative buried inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani but not pro-Marcos are having a hard time getting in the cemetery. The army implements strict security measures since right after the strongman’s burial. Cars of visitors are not allowed to enter. A coaster is provided instead by the cemetery for them to roam around. This may sound unfair but they cannot blame the cemetery’s security personnel since it was the anti-Marcos protesters who threatened to dig out Marcos’ remains so, they all have to suffer in that case.

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[VIDEO]: The burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos brought closure to the Marcos family and their supporters, but opened old wounds in others. Protesters march to the People Power monument in EDSA, chanting “Marcos diktador, hindi bayani.” Follow live updates:

Angry Anti-Marcos

Some anti-Marcos visitors complained of the inconvenience and discomfort. Marcos loyalists  are given commemorative stickers to get in with ease. Their names are also listed in the family’s guest list. It was necessary for the security personnel to ask which Marcos support group they belong. The army is appealing to the public for some understanding as the security situation remains delicate. This is the result of anti-Marcos protesters’ threatening to exhume the remains of the former president, so the rest of the anti-Marcos people bear the consequences of their actions.

Loyalists’ Time with the Marcoses

At least 800 loyalists paid their respect to their “beloved leader.” Most of them are from Ilocos Norte. They wore “Thank you” t-shirts printed in Tagalog. Former first lady Imelda and former Senator Bongbong Marcos were also there at the Libingan ng mga Bayani but didn’t face the media, so as not to escalate the friction. The tough rules against the anti-Marcos visitors have nothing to do with them as well, just a precaution by the “Libingan” management.

Protesters attack President Duterte for Sticking on his Promise to the Marcoses

Time changes and after 27 years, the Marcoses are again favored by circumstances. It is a big deal that the president himself is favoring them as he promised during the elections. Since he won as president, protesters should respect and make sure not to go against the law. The president will not hesitate to punish those who will go beyond that. It’s a matter of principle that must not be provoked.

Bongbong Marcos’ Patience is Tested

Bongbong Marcos has not been pushed to the edge yet despite the many provocative stunts by protesters. This time, he is trying not to say the wrong thing which is an admirable trait for a statesman. He just let the anti-Marcos groups’ anger subside first before making any strong responses. Better yet, he retains his silence and let the president do the talking. He will have his time soon.

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