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Obama Angered U.K. Voters thus adding to Brexit Success

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
United States of America’s President Barrack Obama did warned the British voters prior to the Brexit Poll during his visit to the country last April – but instead of shedding light to the confusion on the advantages of remaining in the E.U., his comments irked the sensitive voters by hurting their “ego”. revealed: “Cameron even drafted in Obama to help. The U.S. president’s warnings not to leave failed to move the polls. His intervention in April encouraged more young people to register to vote, but Obama’s blunt remark that Britain would be “at the back of a queue” for a trade deal with America if it left the union irritated many U.K. voters.”

Many thought that the British’ exit from the European Union will never happen but they were “shocked” by the outcome. A senior anti Brexit campaigner admitted they were disappointed that Obama didn’t give them the right strategy in shedding light to the real outcome of the labor situation of the country when EU migrants are more restricted.

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