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Obama’s Influence in the US Election Results Uncertain due to Unpopularity Overseas

US election results

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Barack Obama is by far the number one supporter of Hillary Clinton. He is looked up to by his grace and dignity. However, the performance of his predecessors on international relations had made him unpopular overseas.

Clash with Philippine President

Take the case of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who poured his heart out when Obama condemned him for human rights violations that resulted from his ongoing war on drugs. The Filipino leader just returned back to Obama the human rights cases happening in America that they cannot even handle. Not that Filipinos can vote in the US but considering the large Filipino-American voters, this can influence the US election results.


Conflict with Russia

Obama is also disrespected by Vladimir Putin of Russia. He is criticized on his brazen annexation of Crimea.  Not to mention his meddling in eastern Ukraine. On top of his military intervention in Syria to help Bashar al-Assad, America’s ally.

U.S. as World Police

The conflicts with the Philippine President and with Russia’s Vladimir Putin do not mean that Obama is incompetent. The U.S. just over-exercised its power as the world’s police. This can be perceived by the receiving countries as meddling.  On the other hand, Putin’s temper is not a secret to the world. the Philippine’s Duterte also is noted for its tough-talking manner that confuses the media.

Cold War Strategy

The U.S. is really spreading itself too thin. All their efforts to stop war is not to the maximum. They are just leaving small troops to keep their participation in many conflicted areas going. The reason why these efforts are half-baked is because the world’s policeman and its citizens have been exhausted by two quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan that lasted very long. Then the attack on Libya. Plus the drone wars in many other countries that just keep…well…droning on. Mind you, the U.S. election also id fast-approaching.

Wisdom of Fredrick the Great

Fredrick the Great, one of the greatest commanders in military history said, “To defend everything is to defend nothing”. That is self-explanatory.

Instead of the America balancing its resources, delegating the tasks to other allies should be undertaken. After all, those conflicts are of the world’s – not just America’s.

Too Eager to Help

Under the administration of Obama, the U.S. is too eager to help countries in disputes with giant opponents without being asked first. This is true with the conflict between China and the Philippines. They have advised the Philippines not to negotiate with China. But Duterte would like to test that option of dealing with China for infrastructure barter – in lieu of the South China Sea provision, for as long as the sovereignty will remain in favor of the Philippines. Better concentrate first in safe-guarding US election results and  better wait for the concerned countries asking for help before doing anything.

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