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Officials Trooped to Crame not to Surrender but Clear their name


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Approximately 58 officials, including mayors and police officers,trooped to Camp Crame to submit themselves for investigation and clear their name and not surrender as reported by various media. President Rodrigo Duterte has disclosed 150 officials their alleged links to the illegal drugs trade, 18 mayors and 31 police officials went to the Camp, Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesman Dionard Carlos said.

Lorna Mupas, a judge, and former mayor Rasmyiah Macabago were among those who submitted themselves. PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa admitted that the basis for holding them was flimsy because there is not enough evidence to pin them down – but Bato said, they were called by the President and now they are with him so might as well do the process with them. Many were sad that they were implicated by the list submitted by ex-PDEA sanctioned by Duterte but the suspects will fully cooperate because of fear.

Two local mayors, Cipriano “Goto” Violago Jr. and Jed Patrick Mabilog,also denied the accusations against them. Mabilog ensured his constituents that he is no doubt “credible and clean,” and intends to keep his honor and integrity intact.

The president is also uncertain if their alleged involvement is true or not. This is why human rights groups have criticized the Duterte administration’s methods that have resulted in hundreds of extrajudicial killings.


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